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10 Things You Can Do With Your Extra Night

Our guests tell us that spending just one or two nights is never enough time. We agree! What can you do with your extra night? 1. Hike to Sol Duc Falls 2. Take the ferry to Victoria, B.C. 3. See Humpback, Orca, and Gray Whales… and sea lions, and dolphins! 4. Bike the Olympic Discovery …

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Olympic National Park featured in Seattle Times

The Seattle Times recently ran a story highlighting the majesty of Olympic National Park… rain or shine. We couldn’t agree more.

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The Secret Life of Blueberries

We’ve all seen blueberries in the grocery store, those plump, dark little gems usually housed in a square, pint-sized box or basket. They’re unique in that they are the only naturally blue (well, blue-ish) food I can think of. With their mostly sweet, kind of-tart, kind of sour flavor they’ve always been the perfect accompaniment …

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Olympic Peninsula featured on This American Land

Our friends at Wild Olympics will be featured on PBS’s national show This American Land. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with any political movement, the footage of our beautiful Olympic Peninsula is stunning. See the segment here before it airs on PBS. Share it with your friends PBS features Wild Olympics on This …