The simplest salad you’re not making right now

This is simply the easiest salad you're not currently making right now. And it's so delicious, once you taste it, you'll wonder why your parents kept it from you. The concept is simple: 1 part tomatoes, 2 parts plums, a pinch or two of salt and a sprinkle of fig balsamic vinegar. Stir and let […]

Pink Elephants in Winter?

No color heralds the arrival of spring like pink. Sunny days have us feeling in the pink, and we’re tickled pink to get out and see the landscape blossoming again. In fact, the tree outside our kitchen is suddenly bursting with pink blooms. We’ve even been motivated to move on to some of our outdoor […]

Lots of Love

​Love was definitely in the air this past Valentine's Day weekend, as our guests feasted on our heart-shaped crabcakes, apple crepes adorned with rose petal confetti, and chocolate cups filled with fresh berries and marscapone. Also in the air were sunshine, clear skies, and temperatures in the 50s. What wasn't in the air was the […]

Our New Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

Here’s a super-simple recipe that’s delicious and probably one of the healthier Thanksgiving side dishes you’re likely to find on the holiday table.  Hint: since the recipe calls for equal parts of all the spices, you can mix up an extra-large batch and store it in an empty spice container to have on hand at […]

Organic RISHI teas

Introducing Rishi organic tea at Domaine Madeleine

We're proud to introduce Rishi organic teas to our 24 hour gourmet beverage bar. We went through months of testing and tasting the best teas available. We even had guests and folks from town do blind taste tests of the top choices! Ultimately taste and quality won out with the selection of Rishi. There really […]

Salmon Cascades

So You Think You’ve Got It Tough?

You’ve heard the term “Salmon swimming upstream”, but if you ever get the chance to actually see it for yourself, you’ll realize just how inadequate that term really is.  Every year, between late October and Early November, Coho Salmon in the Sol Duc River return to their spawning ground, miles upstream. I got a chance […]

Person receiving a massage

Roll out of bed and into a massage

The benefits of massage are tremendous. The benefits of getting a massage right in your room at Domaine Madeleine are priceless. Kami Westfall and her team of licensed massage therapists will work away the tension while you enjoy the breathtaking view from your room. Kami comes to us from Kauai, where she practiced the Healing […]

garden of various types of flowers

10 Things You Can Do With Your Extra Night

Our guests tell us that spending just one or two nights is never enough time. We agree!What can you do with your extra night?1. Hike to Sol Duc Falls2. Take the ferry to Victoria, B.C.3. See Humpback, Orca, and Gray Whales... and sea lions, and dolphins!4. Bike the Olympic Discovery Trail5. Get romantic and snuggle by the […]

Waterfall with people taking photos

Olympic National Park featured in Seattle Times

The Seattle Times recently ran a story highlighting the majesty of Olympic National Park... rain or shine. We couldn't agree more.

This American Land logo

Olympic Peninsula featured on This American Land

Our friends at Wild Olympics will be featured on PBS's national show This American Land. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with any political movement, the footage of our beautiful Olympic Peninsula is stunning. See the segment here before it airs on PBS. Share it with your friends PBS features Wild Olympics on This […]