Day Trip Map: Northern Central Peninsula

Explore Olympic National Park with our New Day Trip Printable Maps!

At Domaine Madeleine, we’re constantly searching for new ways to make your stay on the scenic Olympic Peninsula even easier. We’ve received such great feedback for our easy to access Restaurant Recommendations, that we’ve expanded the printable maps to include recommended Day Trips to explore Olympic National Park and the surrounding areas. Each map focuses on one […]

Glasses of wine at Harbinger Winery

Some of the best California Wines are from Washington…?

When you hear the phrase “wine country” you probably think of California. After all, with its Napa and Sonoma valleys, California ranks first in the United States in wine production. But did you know that Washington State ranks second? Washington is often overlooked as a major wine player for a couple of reasons. First, Washington […]

Eagle in a tree against a brilliant blue sky

Quick, Spot The Eagle!

How often do you see bald eagles? Here at Domaine Madeleine sights like this are pretty common. This morning some guests did a little eagle spotting before breakfast, while one of our resident bald eagles preened and sung from their “Fishing Tree Post” just outside the dining room. (Look up in the tall tree along […]

Sunset through trees

Top 5 Places To View Sunsets at Olympic National Park

If you’re like most people, you love sunsets. They bring calm, beauty, and inspiration into our lives. Recently, we added a beautiful salmon sculpture to our grounds (see photos). This was a gift from friends to honor the memory of a past innkeeper named Victor who brought so many amazing gifts to his work here […]

Rowing on Lake Crescent

Sunset at Lake Crescent

One of the most dramatic sights at Olympic National Park is watching the sun set over Lake Crescent. It’s the perfect way to wind down your day before returning to Domaine Madeleine Bed and Breakfast to settle in for a good night’s sleep before heading out to explore more of the park.  First thing, head […]

Covered bridge

Two-Wheeled Time Machine

I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager, but a few weeks ago we had a couple of “comfort cruisers” from Ben’s Bikes delivered to the inn and headed out to the Olympic Discovery Trail. And let me tell you, riding a bike after 20 years is like…well, riding a bike. Once you […]

Halloween web

We hate saying “no”.

If you’ve stayed with us before, you know we do everything we can to ensure a positive experience for our guests. Recently, we’ve noticed an alarming trend–we’ve gotten too popular! Just the other day, we turned away no fewer than 20 guests who called for a last minute stay–it was a bit of a “sorry” […]