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Domaine Madeleine Innovates By Adding Text/SMS Guest Communications Option


PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON, JANUARY 10, 2016— Domaine Madeleine continues to reinvent itself for the modern traveler by introducing a unified guest communications platform that does not require any additional software or application for the guest to download or learn to use.

The platform allows current and future guests to communicate through their preferred method: call, text, or email with all communications being consolidated for staff within a single dashboard. This allows the staff to ensure that no guest communications fall through the cracks. While the system is being tested and deployed, new communication methods will be added.

“We’re looking at incorporating web chat, instant messaging, Facebook messenger and other communication methods guests prefer to use,” Stephen Fofanoff, innkeeper, said.

Ultimately the goal is to create the best guest experience possible by incorporating the communication methods guests already use throughout their stay. Guests can request room or housekeeping service, have maps sent directly to their phones or mobile devices, order spa treatments, check-in or check-out, and make dinner reservations all through the communication option they prefer: in person, call, text, email, chat, or messenger.

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