Built in 1946 as a private residence, the original “mid-century modern” main house was ahead of its time. Over the years, the house has served as a private residence, a day care, a retreat center, and a summer house.

In 1989, the main house was renovated completely by a private rancher in Idaho who sold his Texas ranch to create his dream escape on the Olympic Peninsula. Shortly after renovating the property, his plane suffered trouble at the Sequim airport… his wife said “sell the house and the plane, we’re not risking that again!”

Madeleine and John Chambers opened Domaine Madeleine in 1991 as the first European style luxury inn on the Olympic Peninsula. She expanded the property to include the two cottages, and founded Colette’s (named after her daughter) next door. Shortly thereafter, the county informed her she couldn’t own and operate two separate inns like that. Still wanting to carry on the tradition of luxurious accommodations near Olympic National Park, she sold Domaine Madeleine to Jeri and Jamie in 1998 who own the property to this day.

Under Jeri’s guiding hands, Domaine Madeleine grew to become the highest rated, most recommended inns of its kind in the area. She expanded the gardens, adding the koi pond and waterfall, bamboo gardens, organic farm, aquaponics greenhouse, herb gardens, strolling gardens, and wisteria-covered gazebo.

In 2014, as Jeri neared retirement, she determined to keep the legacy of Madeleine’s renowned hospitality alive with the help of Art and Soul Enterprises. The property has been renovated, rejuvenated, and restored with new comfortable bedrooms, spa-inspired bathrooms, personalized amenities and modern technology to welcome a new generation of explorers, foodies, and romantics seeking an escape at Olympic National Park.

The original luxury lodging inn on the Olympic Peninsula remains the treasured jewel, offering the best lodging at Olympic National Park. 

historical view of home in snow
Historical view of home with older model car
Historical view of home with older model car
Historical view of man and lady relaxing on patio

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