Our Top 10 Nights of Dining Options


When guests check in at Domaine Madeleine, typically between 4 and 6 pm, we innkeepers offer a quick tour of the inn, show the guests their accommodations, and answer any questions they may have. Usually, the first question hungry, travel-weary guests ask is “Can you recommend a nice place for dinner?” Boy, can we.

We give our guests a map we created showing our favorite restaurants in both Port Angeles and Sequim. We regularly dine at these restaurants to make sure the high quality of the food, service and overall experience is being maintained. Such is the hard work of an innkeeper ;-).

Copies of this map have been available to download and print from our website for some time now. But we recently decided to list out the information so visitors to our site could see it without having to download or print the map. This also let us to create links that allow visitors to click through to the restaurant’s websites, open up the locations in Google Maps, and even direct dial the restaurants right from our website on a mobile phone.

We also gained a bit more space to add a short list of additional “noteworthy” restaurants that, although we don’t visit frequently, some guests may enjoy. We’re always interested to hear about our guests’ dining experiences so we can continue to share the information and be able to confidently make a recommendation for anything our guests may fancy. Just be sure to save some room for the next day’s breakfast. That, we can always recommend. (BTW, there are actually 11 Nights of Dining Options, but we thought 10 sounded better.)