Eagle in a tree against a brilliant blue sky

Quick, Spot The Eagle!


How often do you see bald eagles? Here at Domaine Madeleine sights like this are pretty common. This morning some guests did a little eagle spotting before breakfast, while one of our resident bald eagles preened and sung from their “Fishing Tree Post” just outside the dining room. (Look up in the tall tree along the right side of the trunk near the top and see her?) It always takes your breath away to see these amazing creatures at work, play, and rest. I’m always drawn back to what must have been some fairly heated debates our forefathers had to determine our national bird, but how easy it must have been to ultimately decide on such a majestic symbol of freedom.

Many birds soar through the skies above Olympic National Park, but few are as large and awe-inspiring as the American Bald Eagle.

Today, you are able to watch these majestic birds just outside the main house as they call to each other, teach their young to hunt and fish, and enjoy this beautiful place to call home.