Fall leaves of various colors

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Spend 3 Nights (at least!) on the Olympic Peninsula


If you’ve been considering visiting the Olympic Peninsula, right now is the time to do it. You may already know how much the area has to offer. Natural wonders include snow-capped mountains, lush rainforest foliage, and rocky coastal beaches. There are also vibrant wineries, cideries, and farms providing a harvest of treasures to local eateries. That’s why literally millions of tourists flock to the area every summer. But it doesn’t end at Labor Day. In fact, it gets even better.

From a simple economic standpoint, demand for lodging goes down in mid-September, and room rates drop accordingly. It’s the perfect time of year to snatch up great deals. Look for terms like, shoulder season, or value season. Those are the hints hoteliers use to signal that they’ve got rooms they’re looking to fill. Many even offer greater discounts for longer stays. Who couldn’t use a 3-day weekend?

But getting a great deal isn’t the only reason to visit the Olympic Peninsula in autumn. This is the time of year our already scenic region gets even more scenic. Fall foliage enthusiasts will discover an ever-changing palette of golden yellows, blazing oranges, and fiery reds lasting all the way into November. The many peaks of the Olympic Mountains, the Cascades and even Mount Baker begin accumulating snow cover. Once the heat of summer passes, mosses and mushrooms become plentiful creating lush, otherworldly vistas. Even the wildlife knows this is the time to frolic as salmon can be seen leaping out of swollen streams.

If it sounds like a lot to explore, it is. That’s why we suggest spending 3 nights here (at least!) This isn’t the time of year to rush. The holidays will be upon us soon enough. Dig in to a real hike. See where the road leads. Settle in early with a good book by the fire. Or just absorb the scenery. You deserve a little quality time to explore and relax here on the Olympic Peninsula. And 3 nights in autumn is just right.